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The Enzoani brand emerged in 2006, and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely handcrafted gowns. From its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most renowned brands across multiple countries due to its focus on innovative style, exceptional quality, and a fit and finish like no other. Tie the Knot Boutique is your trusted high-end bridal boutique in Bradenton, Florida and our shop simply wouldn’t be complete without the largest selection of Enzoani bridal gowns on Florida’s west coast.

Price Point: $3500 - $5000 USD


Blue by Enzoani is a truly captivating collection that flaunts modern wedding dresses for brides who love intricate detail. Blue by Enzoani was founded in 2007, and Creative Director Kang Chun Lin continues to design a line that expertly complements the flagship label Enzoani. The meticulously crafted dresses offer a high-quality fit and flattering finish you won’t find elsewhere.

The gorgeous gowns embody sophistication through stunning styles and exquisite embellishments. Think crystal buttons, Chantilly lace and beautiful beading; the contemporary wedding dresses from Blue by Enzoani are everything a modern bride could want, and more. Browse our luxury collection of contemporary wedding day dresses and find your dream gown. You’ll fall head over heels for Blue by Enzoani: a collection that perfectly marries modernity and sophistication.

Price Point: $2500 - $3500 USD


Bridal Collective (Enzoani) is delighted to announce the 2022 debut of Love, a brand-new collection by Artistic Director Kang Chun “KC“ Lin. Graceful, youthful, pretty, and timeless, Love represents a “back to basics“ approach to bridal design, celebrating the beauty in simplicity.

Price Point: $2000 - $2400 USD


ELYSEE is inspired by Neoclassical art and architecture and uses modern silhouettes to accentuate and contour the shape. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek word “Elysium”, meaning a place or state of perfect happiness. Timeless and gorgeous, this line is sure to amaze!

Price Point: $2800 - $4200 USD


Etoile is inspired by the harmony and balance of art and architecture. Modern silhouettes accentuate the figure and contour the shape of the body to bring their signature wedding gowns to life. Etoile creates sumptuous and opulent gowns unlike any other. This is a collection for the bride who wants more than just another pretty dress…she lives and dreams with spirit and beauty. She wants breathless. She wants Étoile.

Price Point: $2200 - $3000 USD

ELYSEE Edition

Bridal Collective is thrilled to present ELYSEE Edition, a size-inclusive collection by Artistic Directors Chris and Mark Russell. Designed to serve brides in sizes 16-32 seeking the signature ELYSEE aesthetic, ELYSEE Edition features special editions of favorite ELYSEE styles, updated with customized tailoring and construction.

Influenced by traditional 18th-century patterns, the construction on each ELYSEE Edition gown has been ingeniously reimagined from the inside out to further contour, enhance and support brides’ figures.

Price Point: $3000 - $4000 USD

Sophia Tolli

Sophia Tolli

For over a decade Sophia Apostolides has been recognized as one of the bridal industry’s most talented designers, inspired by real women to create unforgettable designs that highlight your natural beauty and unique bridal style. A fusion of modern romance and timeless elegance, the Sophia Tolli Australia collection is a celebration of diversity, femininity, and individuality.

The luxurious fabrics, fabulous fit, exquisite embellishments and attention to detail are all signature elements of Sophia’s design style. From classic lace looks to chic simplicity, there is something that celebrates every body shape and size.

Price Point: $1800 - $3000 USD

Martin Thornburg

Inspired by the dreamy coastline and crystal waters of the Greek island of Irda, this collection reflects a rich world of ethereal beauty and exquisite romance. A love letter of sensual silhouettes and exquisite details, this collection makes each moment feel divinely inspired. Martin believes that a truly magnificent wedding dress is all about shape, fit and construction. The icing on the cake are the details he is so passionate about!

Price Point: $1800 - $3000 USD

martin thornburg collection
elissar collection


Our design house is named after Elissar, also known as Dido, the legendary Phoenician queen of Carthage. Elissar, mourning the death of her beloved husband Sychaeus, flees the city of Tyre and establishes the renowned city of Carthage. There, she meets Aenid, who tries to woo her and win her love. But her loyalty lies with Sychaeus, her true and eternal soulmate, whom she chooses to join in the afterlife rather than live in this world without. Our team of skilled designers is best known for creating dresses with the highest quality fabric, crepe, lace, crystals, and beadwork that are equal parts comfort and class.

Price Point: $2200 - $3000 USD